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Books by Members of the Edmonton Writers' Group

Opus 5 with a Story by Hal Friesen Fragments of Lives by Karen Probert Don’t Chew on the Sharp End of the Pencil by EWG Members Colouring Our Lives by Karen Probert Between The Shelves by EWG Members Shepherds of Sparrows by Hal Friesen “the “the
“the They Called it The Incident by J. M. Johnson Loot For the taking by Don Levers A Soldier Far Away by Robert T. Hunting Edmonton: Unbound by EWG Members

Sunday, March 25, 2018

New Capilano Branch on 2018-03-25

As you can see our future home is under construction, and has been for quite a few months. It is enclosed now, and according to the EPL staff the manager got a tour a while back and everything is proceeding smoothly.

Not too sure when the scheduled completion date is yet, but by the looks of things it might be late summer or fall of this year!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Join us for an evening with the 2017 Alberta Readers' Choice Award finalists: Susanna PfistererKatherine KollerNatasha DeenLauralyn Chow, and Todd BabiakLaurel Deedrick Mayne, 2016 ARCA winner, will host the panel discussion with the authors and Q&A session along with refreshments and appetizers. Doors are at 6:30pm and the event will begin at 7pm. Registration is appreciated, but not required. Don't forget to vote for your favourite before August 15!