Sunday, 13 November 2011

Day 13

I found that over the last two days my sentences seem to run on and on. Between writing and editing I did manage to write 1604 words making my running total now at 9037. Yeah!! Almost at the half way point.


  1. Jacquie, I know what you mean. I sure hope this thing makes some sense when I'm done. Especially to me, as I have to go back and edit it then.

  2. I can't help but chuckle when I see everyone writing like mad trying to up their word counts, when I'm in massive trimming mode, trying to get this monster closer to 80,000 from 100,000 last week. Just got below 93,000. Yay me! :) Pound it out y'all.

  3. Laini, I hear you--I'm editing another manuscript at the same time, and while I'm not dealing with word count per se, I am trying to think of how to edit the placeholders (i.e., she was sad) into sentences that are more interesting and imaginative. Good work--keep up the hacking--er, trimming!

    Jacquie, awesome work.

    Remember, guys, every word is one step closer to the best words in any writer's world: The End. :-)

    Natasha 25,930

  4. Another good day, the weekends seem to go by so fast when your writing. Hopefully all the work I've done over the last two days will make up for tomorrow, because I'll be lucky if I get much done at all.

    **** Day 13 **** +2260 = 22794 Words ****

  5. Falling asleep at keyboard leads to weird sentences. Hope only a few of them crept in there...

    22876 words.


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