Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Day 9

Added another 711 words this morning bringing my running total to 5936 for day 9. No music to write by just "The Sounds of Silence" Sorry, I couldn't resist.


  1. Anonymous9/11/11 06:13

    HA! Nice job on the joke & writing! Way to go!!

  2. Thanks Natasha and a great job to you and everyone especially Barb as I can see from the progress meter Barb has reached her goal!

  3. So far I've got to 1777 today, and still going. No music either, I've been listening to podcasts all morning instead.

  4. Anonymous9/11/11 15:14

    Wow. Those last 500 words was some heavy lifting! I find it's harder trying to break up the goal (like writing three different times during the day) than just slogging through it...what is your experience?

    Good work Howard!!

    Was listening to Breathe Carolina's "Blackout" which seemed oddly fitting: "I'm only getting started...I've got nothing to waste...Let's go a little harder...I'm only getting started...
    This won't stop till I say so..."

    I say "oddly fitting" because if you listen to the lyrics, it seems to be about a night of heavy drinking, though the band has said, "They wrote when David, one of the band members, actually left his phone in the cab and was unable to retrieve it. After the initial freak out period he said he felt more free than he had in a while. No one would be able to bring him down since they had no connections to him what so ever."

    You can hear the song here:

    It's not the official video (which I find really disturbing) :P

  5. Fell short today. Ran out of time. Okay with it, 'cause I don't work tomorrow and can catch up. So new total is 7725.

    I find it hard break up the writing too Natasha. But I find that what helps is if I stop right at the point where there's something that I really want get down. That helps me kick start 'act II' later in the day. If think of it, remind me to bring your treat tomorrow...there's a good girl ;-)

  6. What a day! I never realized how much a challenge like this can motive a person. I've never written this much in years. Only added another 300 or some words since after lunch today, but I did go back for a change of pace and do some editing.

    Hope everybody is having fun! See you tomorrow at the meeting!

    **** Day 9 **** +2096 = 14900 ****

  7. 15901 words, aw yeah. I find slogging through is better, the worst is usually the beginning when I have to get past that initial hesitation. I agree with Greg too, with ending where you're on the verge of saying something important.

    Tonight I ended just after a cyborg fell through the ceiling and ripped someone's arm off. Oh, the suspense is killing me!

    Listened to Batman Begins Soundtrack. All this sitting is not really great for me, and I'm sick now, so will have to try and find a healthier way to get words down.

    Great job, everyone! It's cool to see the new bars up, too :-). We have such a great bunch of people.

  8. I find the opposite--if I stop in mid-stride, then when I come back, I've lost momentum...for me, it's easier to end the scene and have it done...

    I agree, Hal. This is such a great group--and this whole endeavor is so much more fun because of you guys!!


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