Friday, 18 November 2011

NaNoWriMo: Day 18

Well, folks, I'd say that last night was an AMAZING success. From everything I'm hearing people got at least 500 words, and it sounds like many of you broke the 1000 word goal.

I'm bleary-eyed and my brain feels like over-cooked steak, but at the same time, really excited about keeping at it and seeing 50k.

I hope everyone got home safe and sound, and in the spirit of winter officially beginning in Edmonton, I give you this:Natasha: 40, 016


  1. I had a blast even though I couldn't move my hand afterward. I could barely move it before though either, so that's OK. :)

    This is Laini. Posting from hubby's work computer.

  2. I agree with Natasha, last night was a lot of fun. I thought we were going to be all just sitting there types/writing like crazy with no talking or anything at all.

    Today on the other hand was a write-off (no pun intended). I didn't get much writing done at all. Funeral in the morning, and wasted my afternoon at what was advertized as a job fair, but turned out to be a recruiting fair for various schools.

    **** Day 18 **** +850 = 35223 Words ****

  3. Last night was wicked -- the friendly but slightly competitive atmosphere was contagious and Marty's pep talks were really great and pedagogically appropriate to shaping us as writers. I thankfully got my word count for the day at the meeting (1700) which was good because I couldn't really think afterward.

    I wrote some fun stuff tonight, but it was pretty hard to start. For some reason I'm getting some resonant "no one's ever going to read this" backtalk from myself, and it's hard to argue with sometimes. I guess everyone faces it at some point, just an ongoing battle to try and beat out the self-criticism.

    31,483 words. Suck it, self-doubt.

  4. Also, I love the cartoon. <3

  5. I also enjoyed the "write in" it was great fun. I may bring my computer next time as the hand writing as Laini said was a little painful.

    Jacquie 14,020

  6. The award goes to Hal for the use of the word "pedagogically."

    I think we all did magnificently--and I agree with you, Jacquie. I'm not used to pen & paper writing (except for jotting notes). It felt really unfamiliar and strange, which was good, but next time I'm bringing my laptop...

    Says Natasha who wants tea too badly to "waste" time signing in...(but apparently, will write an entire paragraph on how busy she is..) Oi.

  7. OMfriggenG, what a couple of days!! No writing, didn't even leave the condo. watched more TV than I would have thought humanly possible.

    Hal, keep 'er going man. I let the 'committee' (what I call those tricky little voices) get me for a couple of days and now I have to fight my way back. If you have a moment guys, think a good thought for me. Ok, time to work.

  8. Aw, Gregory, sorry to hear about the rough days...just remember, it's always darkest when the lights go out...(and when you know what that means, you'll have achieved enlightenment, Grasshopper), and Howard, I'm sorry about the funeral. Don't know how I missed that in your post. Hope you're finding better days, too, my friend.

    As for me, no writing as of yet...

  9. ok, I turned the lights out and stubbed my toe on the coffee table. I don't know if I'm enlightened now but I did experience a temporary bout of Tourette's. Thanks for nothin Natasha!! ;-) I'm sorry...Sensei.

    ok. not much but I'll take it!

    gregory 11050 words.


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