Monday, 2 January 2012

Children's Markets

Happy New Year everyone!

So I didn't quite meet my goal of going through the "Writing the Breakout Novel Handbook" exercises, but I haven't been slacking off completely. After your fabulous advice, I picked up the novel written entirely in anapestic tetrameter (think Night Before X-mas) entitled "Zorgamazoo" in order to help me regularize the rhyme in the Tokamak story. I'm already noticing big improvements, and am really looking forward to sending it off soon.

I checked out the sites for Random House, Harper-Collins, and Scholastic, and they all won't take unsolicited submissions. McGraw-Hill doesn't appear to take any fiction whatsoever, but I could be wrong. Does anyone have any suggestions for other markets?


  1. Hi Hal-

    I'm thinking something physics oriented. For me, even with your description, the tokomak concept was a bit vague. I got Bs and Cs in science, so I'm thinking if you could find some sort of physics journal to start out with, that will give you more credits to work with.

    Who knows, it could become a sleeper hit among physicists, the poem passed around through e-mails and Facebook pages, and you could become a legend among them, even if there isn't a lot of coin in it (at first).

    Here are a few I found:

  2. Hal,

    What about science fiction magazines? Most of them accept some poetry. Start local with On Spec.

    Or try this:


  3. Thanks for the tips, guys. I'll probably run it through everyone I can.

  4. Anonymous6/1/12 06:58

    Yeah, I wish I could think of places--are you thinking of selling it as a picture book? You can always try and see if they have any publishers listed...


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