Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sharing some writing links

Hi All,

Thanks for adding me to the blog. I thought I would use the opportunity to share some of the sites I use that are related to writing. They are a mix of interesting, educational and inspirational. Cheers
A fantastic weekly newsletter and website that introduces you to great books about creativity, writing and reading. They are obviously passionate about books and they trawl the world for hidden treasures.
A quirky new site that asks the premise "What would you say if you could speak to a million people". You sign up for daily emails and people are selected at random to email the group.
Pinterest is a very popular website for 'bookmarking' your favorite images. It's a really great way to track your favorite books and writing articles etc. I've linked to my 'Books board' as an example.

Thanks again, see you all soon :) Linda


  1. Anonymous24/4/12 05:31

    Thanks for these links! Can't wait to check them out...

  2. Thanks, Linda, very cool! I like visual-archive idea of pinterest.

    While we're on the subject, here's a link to SF markets in Canada for anyone interested:


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