Friday 21 October 2011

Almost NaNoWriMo Time!

Get ready, group because November will be on us before we know it! Although NaNoWriMo is technically about doing 50k in 30 days, we think it's better to set goals that challenge us, but that we can be consistent with.

Here is the list:
Natasha - 50k
Hal - 50k
Jacqueline - 20k
Brad - 15k
Simon - 15k
Laurie - 12k
Griffy - 12k
Christina - 11k
Kim - 10k
C-Anne - 10k
Niraj - 10k
Howard - 7.5k
Barb - 6k
Alicia - 5k
Derek - 5k
Erica - 3k
Rosemarie - 0.5k


  1. Only 10 Days left to do any research you want to do, then you'll be typing too fast to get any done! Arrrgh!

  2. I did the math, I have to do 666.67 words per day for the month. What was I thinking? Sheesh

  3. Yeah--I hear you. I'm looking at seven pages a day--but I don't want to work seven days a week, but if I cut down to six days/week, I'd have to jump to NINE pages, just to make, I really wish I'd paid more attention to math...

  4. So does anybody have any ideas what they're writing about yet? If Jacquie has to do 666.67 words a day, and Natasha has to do 9 pages (assuming she does slack off for one day a week), then there should be something jelling by now.

    I've got a couple of ideas, but not much else. Arrrgh!

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