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Monday, October 31, 2011

Buddies on NaNoWriMo

After attempting to find a few people on NaNoWriMo's buddy system, I had no success. Can everyone who's signed up post their account name in the thread so we can add each other? Mine is halfriesen.


  1. Are you talking about the actual NaNo website? ( or are you talking about this group's challenge?

  2. Hal I'm on the NaNoWriMo site as HGibbins, not sure how far I'l get but anything is possible.


  3. I'm talking about the actual NaNo website. I've added you both on there :-)

  4. I'll be gregory_dean. Is it a bad thing that we don't start 'till midnight tonight and I'm already reading the first nanowrimo pep talk? You know, instead of working on my outline. Is anyone besides me very very afraid? Am I too need

  5. I'm gregory_dean on nanowrimo.

  6. Gregory: I'm already checking chocolate sales--the very THOUGHT of having to crunch out 7 pages/day has me eating out all the candy stock...

  7. Well it should prove to be a bit of a challenge. I didn't realize when I signed up though that they wanted a copy of the final product. Is this only if you get to 50K words, or no matter how far you get?

    Not sure if I'm overly comfortable about giving them my story, but we'll see what happens in 30 days.


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