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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jet lag sucks!

But I've gotten just over 2 pages so far today.  Had to go do work related stuff this morning and was so burnt after that I came home and tried to give in to the call of the evil nap monster.  But after 45 minutes of tossing and turning and feeling incredibly guilty, I got up and started writing.  I expect I'll reach my 3 pages before head off to work.  If not, I'll get it done, a few minutes at a time while I'm sitting at transit centers.  Really hope I don't crash the bus tonight.  Did I mention that jet lag sucks?  If I may make a suggestion...would it be easier for us just to 'comment' on whoever's thread starts each day then adding new post after new post?  Good going guys.  WE WILL PERSEVERE!!


  1. Just tell me your bus route, so I know which end of the city to avoid. :P

  2. Really liking all the support and words of encouragement. It's infectious, and like getting a nice pat on the back after writing something. Also love the progress bars on the sidebar!


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