Tuesday 15 November 2011

NaNoWriMo: Day 15

Last night, I kinda flamed out...ended up watching an hour of reality television (bits and pieces of Intervention, Hoarders, & Monster-in-Law, which all left me feeling nauseous). Was smart enough to shut off the TV before I started watching Entertainment Tonight or Insider (Not that those shows are bad, I just know I'm not in a good place when I choose to watch those over, say, Columbo :D)...In an effort to bolster creativity and set the writing off for the last half of the month, I've done the following in the past 24 hours:

1) Swaggered through the kitchen
2) Sang opera to my husband
3) Danced the robot to OMD & Lionel Richie
4) Eaten nothing but brownies & cheesecake
5) Tried to teach the cats what "it's right there, go get it" means

Not sure how it's working...the cats are giving me that patient, loving, "You're an idiot, but we adore you anyway" look, and the dogs are in hiding because they know I'm going to grab them for a waltz, but it seems to have sort of worked. Got my writing in, and feeling okay about it all...

Natasha: 29,837


  1. Good afternoon. I've been writing for 4 hours straight and can't believe I've done 2773 words so far today. What am I doing right? I never wrote this much even in school in one sitting.

    Time for something that resembles lunch, and then back to it ...

  2. Am I allowed to call it writer's block when I've only been sitting here for five minutes? Didn't think so. Thanks for the feedback. Oh, wait. I think I might be chatting with myself. Does that mean I'm crazy? Didn't think so. Thanks for the feedback. Oh, crap...

  3. Wow...that sucked!!! But dun. Which, I believe, means that today is another successful day. It might be drivel. But it is AWESOME in it's drivel-ness. Danged this is a boring screenplay. I think I might be addicted to subtext. I seem to be completely unwilling to have anyone say what they are actually thinking. Is this bad? It's making it really hard to get at the truth, but, at the same time, it's good practice at not being too 'on the nose'.

    gregory. 10625 words.

  4. That's terrific Howard! The whole "building your writing muscle by writing" thing must be true.

  5. Well, that's enough for one day!
    I managed to have lunch, walk the dog twice, and then realized she needed more dog food so I had to run out and get that. Other than that I've been writing all day - about 6 hours total. This is starting to feel like a job, I wish I got paid for it. Oh, well maybe some day.

    Now sitting at:

    **** Day 15 **** +3438 = 27849 Words ****

    Natasha (in reply to your list from this morning):
    1) Only pirates, are allowed to swagger
    2) Which opera?
    3) What the heck is "the robot"?
    4) Brownies and cheesecake, huh? Tut tut, what would your dentist say?
    5) I can't think of anything witty to say about cats right now. But it easy to understand why you can't teach them anything after you've taken a zoology course.

  6. Howard, I cannot answer any of those questions the grounds that they will decimate the remaining, miniscule amount of dignity I possess...

    Anyway, you've got it wrong. We don't teach animals. They teach us. For example, today I learned that a hand cramp is not a good enough reason to stop rubbing furry bellies, and any relaxation in my tummy-rubbing production results in glares that I only wish I could master...

  7. You cats are all crazy ;-) but so am I so I suppose I can't judge.

    Great job, Howard! That's insane in the membrane, Monsieur Écrivain. Tonight I managed to stall and write a flashback instead of a scene I know will be intense and emotionally investing, as though the tribulations of my characters are wearing me out. But anyhow, managed to make it to 26369 words. Over halfway! Awesome work everyone! I can't believe we're this crazy. . .



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