Thursday 29 December 2011

2012 is Almost Here!

I hope everyone's thinking of their goals for 2012. It's always good to shoot for something, right? For example, my goal for today is getting to the last of the homemade chocolates before anyone else does.

Heh. heh.

My goal for 2012 is to finish a book, BUT to bring back joy in the writing--no more worrying about trends or market forecasts or house closings, just to write because I like the story and because I'm having fun with it...which, technically, is the way you're supposed to write, anyway...guess I'm just a slow learner. :P

In other news, got an interesting proposal & it's something to think about so we can talk it through on the 5th. One of our members is out of town until summer but she wondered if she could Skype into the meetings. She'd like to (when it's her turn) to send her pages electronically and have us read as usual. She'd also like us to do the same: send her our pages and let her read and critique.

It's a neat idea. We'll have to figure out privacy issues and see where the mutual comfort zone lies, but it's worth thinking about...

Anyway, have an excellent 2012 New Year, everyone, and stay safe. If you're going to drink, please cab it home.


  1. Nine hours and change until the end of 2011. Hmm, not sure if I'll bother to stay up though.

    In any case I've given my goals a lot of thought as well, and while the main one is to get a ruddy job I do intend on doing more writing. Maybe I'm still a little gung-ho because of NaNoWriMo (I really didn't think I'd finish the silly thing), so I'd like to keep on that high if possible.

    Anyway like Natasha said, I hope everybody has a good new year eve celebration.


  2. I'm still trying to get the major changes from my Ollie expert into their rearranged order with some basic changes. Gah.

    I printed off Rewrite #14 today to begin marking up by hand, and then will transfer those changes to the computer. I also have several major sections to rewrite completely.

    My 2012 goal is to get to either Willamette or Surrey (probably better to do that one first to get my feet wet) conference, and network myself an agent (IhopeIhopeIhope). I want this sucker as perfect as possible before I go. I even made a cool little business card for it on Zazzle. :D


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