Friday 23 March 2012



What is Exposure Festival?

Edmonton’s Exposure Festival uncovers, highlights and celebrates queer arts and culture. The festival exposes queer artists to new audiences – and exposes Edmonton audiences to new art. The annual multi-disciplinary festival comes together through the work of a dedicated Board and diverse working groups, in collaboration with arts and culture organizations in the city.

We are a volunteer organization and our principal commitment is to plan and execute an annual festival. In connection with this, we do a certain amount of fundraising, grant-writing, programming, volunteer cultivation, and community outreach throughout the year. Because Exposure is a volunteer organization in its fledgling years, we all pitch in and work in a hands-on way.

What do we mean by the term queer?

Exposure uses the term “queer” in reference to art, politics and social movements that seek to challenge, complicate and dismantle categories, hierarchies and exclusions that are manifest through sexuality, gender, race, ability and income and/or occupation. We recognize and celebrate queer art and politics that do not focus solely on sexuality, but seek to understand how multiple identities shape our lived experiences as Edmontonians.

What will you gain from getting involved?

· Exposure is unique: one of the few queer arts festivals in Canada

· Opportunity to get involved with the queer community and other social & political groups

· Gain/develop invaluable professional skills

· Network and help build a community

· Make a difference and have fun while doing it

How can you get involved?

Exposure is currently seeking dynamic, enthusiastic people who are interested in the arts, Edmonton’s cultural life, queer issues, politics, social and political activism, and event planning. If any of this lies within your interests, please consider joining our group. We are committed to diversity and in particular aim for a mix of professionals, artists and community members.

Interested individuals should send a paragraph outlining their background, their reasons for wanting to be involved, and their skills to by Friday April 20th, 2012.

For more information on Exposure Festival, including our festival blog and information on previous Exposure Festivals, please visit the Exposure website at

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