Monday 4 June 2012

I AM A ... Reddit

There is a website called Reddit which is user generated and voted for context. I'm sure some people already read this reguarly as it is often referred to as "Teh front page of the internet".

However, I just discovered a page called "I AM A" which has normal people put themselves up for everyone to ask them whatever questions you like. It reminded me of the policeman we had speak with us. But this is like an unlimited resource of interesting people whom have been in interesting situations you may want to write about... e.g. Some people's headlines include:

IAmA Bouncer and DJ at a gentlemen's club
I was on Felony Drug Probation for 2 Years
IAmA a kid who was taken away from my family wrongfully by CPS
I am the anonymous physicist featured in the black hole article yesterday.
I'm signing a Reality TV show contract this week.

Check it out here:

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