Monday 9 July 2012

Imaginarium Call for Submissions

Imaginarium is a new on-line, biannual speculative fiction publication, run by undergraduate students at the University of California, Berkeley. For our debut issue, we are looking for stories ranging from classic Science Fiction and/or Fantasy to alternative history, surrealism, mythology, horror, absurdism, and everything in between, in as inventive a way you can imagine. We want strangeness, something with that off-beat factor you don't see every day, both in content AND style. Think of a tea party with Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Heinlein, Philip K. Dick and Marion Zimmer Bradley. Nothing is too strange, as long as it is clear and done well.

We accept fiction, poetry, art, comic strips, and analytical non-fiction.

Length : 1,000-7,000 words (Fiction/Non-Fiction), 100 Lines (Poetry)

Non-Paying/Exposure Market.

For detailed submission guidelines, please visit our website at Email submissions in standard manuscript format to Thank you, and good luck!


  1. I judged their misspelling of "Allan" in Poe to indicate a lack of professionalism.

  2. Hmm, sometimes things get lost when you're looking at a document for the 1000th time, still, I think your point is well-made...


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