Friday 5 October 2012


It's almost NaNoWriMo  time and that means time to set more goals.

While some may go for NaNoWriMo's stated goal of a novel in a month, some of us will have less lofty aspirations. Goals should present a challenge but be attainable. For those who have trouble finding the time to write at all, perhaps just a couple of pages to get you back in the groove, or perhaps a short story or a chapter is a good goal. For those with more leisure, maybe several chapters.

So to get the ball rolling, my goal for the month will be to edit four chapters of my novel, using Serenity Software's Editor.

Add your goals in the comments below or bring them to the next meeting.


  1. Anonymous6/10/12 07:33

    I'm going to try again to do 50k in the month...I did it last year, and I figure if I streamline the process and x out all the time wasters (like sleeping and showering), I should be able to get 'er done! :D

  2. Well I went and officially signed up for NaNoWriMo again, so I guess I'm shooting for the 50K again. My goal this month is to plot the thing out, and hopefully that'll make the writing easier.

  3. I checked out the Serenity Software, but it doesn't run on a Mac - does anybody know of a comparable product that will?


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