Wednesday 7 November 2012

While waiting for the election results to be broadcast via CBC, it tuned out of reality and watched a movie entitled "The Book of Eli" with Denzel Washington. It was rather violent, as is the norm with most of his movies. Now I'm not sure if anybody else in the group has seen the movie, but if so I'd like to get some feedback with regard to the premise.

For those of you who haven't seen it. There has been a nuclear war, and thirty years afterwards this dude by the name of Eli is essentially walking across North America carrying a book that he has to deliver to the west. The book turns out to be the christian bible (the last copy supposedly). This is where I found that the premise of the movie fell a little short.

Personally the first book that comes to mind for me would be any encyclopedia, followed by something like "How Things Work",  various history books, etc.

As a writer, if you were writing this script what book do you think should be the one to be preserved? Bear in mind that the character has been walking across the country for around about 30 years?



  1. Anonymous7/11/12 09:09

    Maybe the book is a metaphor--a symbol for faith and perseverance?
    (Had it been me, it would have been: How to Time Travel in 3 Easy Steps).

  2. I think he needs a map. He's obviously lost. Even I could walk across the continent in less that 30 years.

    Since the U.S has presumably been, to borrow a Bushism, 'bombed back to the stone age', I think he needs an archaeology or anthropology text book that tells him how to hunt and trap game, make spears and arrows, start a fire and sew clothing from animal skins.


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