Friday 21 December 2012

Christmas Wishes

Last night's meeting/pizza night was AMAZING! Thanks to everyone who came out (and to Marianne & Alicia for bringing the sweet treats!).

For those of you who didn't get a chance to attend, we shared our favourite Christmas memories...from Brad getting cut off from Christmas to Kim almost dying at the wheels of a ski-doo, the tales were fast, furious, hilarious, & touching.

If you get a chance, it would be great to add your story in the comment section.

To all of you who make the EWG such an amazing place to be, thank you so much for another incredible year, and to those members who may not be able to attend regularly, you remain in our thoughts and good wishes.

To all of us, happiest of holidays & the very best of New Year's.

PS - Because I couldn't leave 2012 without giving you a gift that will keep on giving, I present my favourite Hoff video: Hooked on a Feeling.

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  1. My favourite Christmas memory (one of two) was when I was eight & it was the year my mother decided to be clever and forgo name tags in favour of cryptic symbols...she figured we couldn't rip into the gifts (pre-Christmas Day)if we didn't know who they were for...unfortunately, she out-clevered herself & come Christmas Day, she couldn't remember which gift was for was a real can-without-a-label moment--her wildly guessing but insisting she had no doubt who the gift was for...I ended up with a pair of my dad's black socks, & he got a package of little girl underwear...there was some heated negotiation--I was happy to regift the socks back to him, but he insisted the panties were very cute & he just might keep them (nothing strikes fear into a little girl's heart like thinking she may be stuck with black socks for her gift)...


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