Friday 18 January 2013

Marie Reed's Entry for the Edmonton Journal Contest.

Congrats to our EWG member, Marie Reed, for her contest entry...

A tranquil photograph of my two sons acts as a constant reminder of how precious, yet fragile life is. It was taken by a family member, while I was at the hospital with their father. I have hundreds of pictures of my children, but this image really stood out. Aren’t children amazing? They still have the ability to grab hold of moments and devour every delectable morsel. When do adults lose this ability? Maybe it is our fast-paced lives or our inability to slow down long enough to pay attention. I remember getting this photograph and immediately wanting it framed — marvelling, how it captured the calmness of my sons’ little bodies, as they stood side by side casting into the river.

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  1. Anonymous18/1/13 18:49

    It's really interesting, and very cute as well as a bit sad. I find that the writing that comes from the heart is always the best! Can you tell me more about the contest... was it for more than having your tale published? Just curious. I always have the worst time trying to find valid contests and this seemed like a good one. This is from Melodie - just in case you can't tell... couldn't get in using anything else LOL. At least Livejournal finally let me get in - was giving me such a headache a few days ago.


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