Tuesday 18 November 2014

Call for Submissions: Anti-Apocalypse


Dark fiction is currently in vogue. With the popularity of The Walking Dead, post-apocalypse storytelling is especially widespread.
Being the contrary lot that we are, the editorial staff at PFM are rebelling against the apocalypse. We invite you to join us … and get published and paid to do so.
Show us a future that is bright, not bleak.
At first blush, this may sound like a theme that excludes fantasy and horror. Not so, we assure you. What would a bright future look like to ancient Rome, or to a tribe of goblins? Can a society’s utopia be a threat to others, or what nightmare might threaten the blessed civilization’s existence? This is what speculative fiction is all about. We know you can do it. Now prove us right!
Just remember that conflict is the soul of a thrilling story. Seek out the conflicts that can occur in an anti-apocalypse setting. Trust us, seek and ye shall find.

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