Monday 3 August 2015

Between the Shelves Raised Over $700 for the EPL!

It's been a hectic spring and summer, with a lot of activity from many of the contributors to Between the Shelves.
EWG Between Launch Photos-23
Proud piles of paper.
The first was the official launch at the Stanley Milner downtown EPL branch. Almost every single author made it out to do a reading. The audience had a grid puzzle which required them to listen intently to glean answers to the mystery that unfolded throughout the evening. With old newspaper slides hinting at the role of the library ghost haunting the EPL, the final revelation came: that there was once a library employee charged with going door to door of those who had grievously overdue books.
One of the clues given alongside the readings
Those who managed to decode the ghost's message (RETURN BOOKS) were given a mystery prize, varying from lightbulb keychains to ladybug dish brushes.
Brad OH representing Brad OH Inc.
Brad OH Inc shares his story.
It was a very pleasant, warm evening despite the weather's lack of cooperation. My frantic stress trying to get too much organized on my own seemed to pan out, though I will try to heed the advice to delegate more in the future.
EWG Between Launch Photos-21
Mohamed Abdi recounts his own experiences with the EPL.
A few weeks later, we had a book signing at the William S. Lutsky YMCA. A unique venue, to be sure, but the response and enthusiasm we received from community-minded families was an unexpected treat. The time passed quickly as we shared our thoughts on writing, politics, books, and life.

2015-05-30 11.44.31
Brian Clark, Brad OH Inc, G. J. C. McKitrick (T.K. Boomer), Hal J. Friesen and Debbie Ha at the YMCA.
Almost every author has taken it upon themselves to sell the book, with the result that at the end of June right before the deadline to the Great Canadian Giving Challenge, we could donate over $700 to support the Edmonton Public Library. The Great Canadian Giving Challenge was an additional fundraising incentive where, for every dollar raised before June 30, a charity was entered into a draw to potentially win $10,000 for their particular cause. The money given to the EPL will support their Welcome Baby literacy program for newborns and their parents, described below:
EPL's Welcome Baby program provides an early literacy kit for newborns and their parents. Literacy isn’t just about learning to read, it’s about preparing a child for reading. The kit’s books, music and early literacy resources help parents understand the vital connections between literacy & school success, higher wages, fewer health problems & less crime involvement.
Now as the book is put up on consignment in Chapters locations throughout Edmonton, the book will have increased public visibility. It is currently available in St. Albert (445 St. Albert Rd) and in the Northgate Mall Coles (9499-137 Ave NW), with more to come! If you'd like to help spread the word, you can share links to posts like this one, or contact me at hal.friesen[at]gmail[dot]com.
The gang.
(Almost) all the contributors. From left to right, back to front: Mohamed Abdi, G. J. C McKitrick (T.K. Boomer), Timothy Fowler, Brad OH Inc., Mark Parsons, Brian Clark, Vivian Zenari, Trudie Aberdeen, Debbie Ha (cover artist), Hal J. Friesen. Not shown: Linda Webber and M.L. Kulmatycki.

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