Thursday 10 November 2016

Edmonton Journal's Bestseller List

The Writers’ Guild of Alberta learned today that the Edmonton Journal is planning to pull the weekly Edmonton bestseller list from their publication. They will maintain a Saturday books list, but it will be produced nationally and only contain national bestsellers. The Journal would still maintain some local book coverage (in the form of reviews and articles); those articles would be part of the two locally-produced YOU sections (arts and features sections that would run on Thursdays and Saturdays). They would also run the articles online. This decision does mean a considerable reduction in the exposure that the Edmonton Journal provides to Edmonton authors. If you, or others in the local book community (authors, sellers, publicists) are unhappy with the further diminishment of the local books coverage, we would urge you to make your concerns known. Emails should be directed to the editor-in-chief Mark Iype ( and the western V.P., Lorne Motley ( You may also respond through social media by tagging the Twitter handle: @ABbookpub.

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