Monday 31 October 2011

Ok, my inner crazy person has arrived...

After much soul searching (that's right, I have a soul...for now, least that's what my mother tells me...or maybe it's just gas), I've decided that I have to write a screenplay instead of a novel.  The average script is somewhere between 85 and 110 pages long ( one page = approx. one minute screen time).  This makes 'word count' tricky so I'm gonna go with page count instead. Soooo...90 pages it is.  That's 3 pages per day for anyone who's mathumatikuly challenged.  This is shootin fer the moon for me...heheheheh...I  think I can hear my brain pan melting already!!  Oh, and the working title is "Lonely People".  It's about lonely people.  I think.  It's a drama, kinda "Crash" style (several stories that will hopefully weave themselves magically together in some kind of cohesive fashion.  Unless it's an Adam Sandler type comedy.  That would suck because I don't like Adam Sandler.  Anyone planning on going to any of the 'write-ins'?

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