Wednesday 23 November 2011

NaNoWriMo: Day 23

Officially down to the last week of writing for some, and editing for others. Good luck to all of us as we bring these ships home!

Natasha: 50,018


  1.'s official...I don't want to be a keener and do more writing--would much rather hang out with a couple of relatives...and now I feel guilty for saying that...I wonder if they'll understand if I write & watch movies at the same time...?

  2. Natasha,

    If they don't understand simply tell them you'll put them in your next story. Then start watching them, and jotting things down in a notebook - the things you write down don't necessarily have to have anything to do with them, but it sure makes people nervous.

  3. Another semi-productive day. Passed 50 K, but I'm still not done the story, so I guess tomorrow should end the whole thing.

    **** Day 23 **** +3796 = 53528 Words ****

  4. Great work, Howard! I'm still chugging along, slowly creepin' up to that 50 k.

    40,171 words.

  5. WOW--nice work, guys!!

  6. Cool! I have my own counter now. :D


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