Sunday 20 November 2011

Writer's Market 2012


Just wondering if anybody out there buys Writer's Market, and can tell me the different between the Deluxe edition & the regular one? They both have 990 pages according to the Amazon preview, and the deluxe is ~$33, while the regular is only ~$19.

Also there is a Canadian Writer's Market, but it's release date is January 2010, so I assume it isn't all that popular.




  1. Well that was a good waste of HDD space, I hope blogspot doesn't mind as I found the answer myself. So for those of you who are interested:

    "How can I purchase the Writer's Market book?
    Visit your local bookstore to pick up the print version of either Writer's Market or Writer's Market Deluxe Edition. With the Deluxe Edition, you'll get the print version of the book (perfect for when you're away from your computer) that includes an Activation Code good for a one year subscription to You can also purchase either Writer's Market or Writer's Market Deluxe Edition directly from the publisher."


  2. Howard--I wouldn't buy it. Borrow it from the library, but don't buy. Books can take up to two years to be published, and the information may be out of date...

  3. Natasha.

    I was thinking of that, but unfortunately neither EPL nor the U of A have it.

  4. You can put in a request that they buy it...


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