Wednesday 2 November 2011

Another day, another few words!

Well I did more than yesterday, okay it was only by 46 words but what the heck. I'm now sitting at 2612 or a little over 5%. Mind you I didn't get the leaves burned in my backyard like I wanted. The dog got walked twice though, so she was happy about that.

I've found out that I don't have a whole lot of imagination when choosing character names, I gotta to get out of this rut, but not sure how.

Also found a problem with my murder mystery you folks have been reading, but no time to fix it now!

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  1. I suck at names too but you got me thinking. I found this link really quickly. You can search names by 'meaning'. I tried a few and some worked (anger, freedom) and were interesting.

    I'm sure that a little more research would yield lots of interesting ideas for naming characters.


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