Thursday 3 November 2011

NaNoWriMo: Day 3

How are we doing? Click on "comment" under this post and let us know your word count! Did my 1667 today, but I feel like I'm writing a Dick & Jane book: see Pepper. See Pepper run. Run, Pepper, run!

How about you? How are you feeling?


  1. Trying to get the hang of posting, but the first day word count was 737, second day was 816 and today it was 771. I hope this posts!

  2. Anonymous3/11/11 09:29

    That's awesome Jacquie!!! Way to go!

  3. Jacqueline3/11/11 10:41

    Thanks Natasha! I do understand about repeating words. Jordie zigs then zags how many times can I have him do that?? But this is all about the challenge, and I can see that everyone is focused on their task, this is great fun.

  4. I'm sitting at 3400 words! Great job everyone. I feel a bit the same way, as though my characters are running around in a sea of landmines with explosions going off repeatedly. I do my writing extremely late when I'm about to pass out at the keyboard, and last night was extremely difficult. I felt the same way as Natasha -- 28 more days of this?! The great thing is the concentrated effort makes you really get into your story and build internal excitement.

  5. Anonymous3/11/11 14:23

    That's great work, Hal! HA HA--when it comes to NaNo, IIII feel like I'm running around in a sea of landmines. :P

  6. **** Day 3 **** +1783 = 4395 Words ****

    Being an unemployed bum, definitely allows me to do a fair bit of writing, but I wonder how long it will last. My numbers are going to do down over the weekend, that much I'm pretty sure about.

  7. Hey Howard, you're doing awesome, don't sell yourself short! I'm at 5300 words now, booyah! Wrote on the bus to and from Tacoma / Seattle and got some scenes I really like, and have been waiting to do.

    I also went to an Asian Art Museum today that was fantastic, and reminded me of all the possibilities for cultural creation in SF which I love. Writing's so exciting!

  8. Anonymous4/11/11 12:25

    Hal's right, Howard. Demeaning you is OUR job (MUUWAAHHAAHWWAAHHAA!!!).
    Seriously, though, you're rocking the challenge--more than halfway to your goal! You should be proud of yourself!

    And Hal, way to go on the writing!! You're doing ssoo good.

    All we have to do is put one word after another. We keep doing that, we'll reach out goals, my friends, so let's keep going!!


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