Monday 7 November 2011

Day 7

Day 6 was spent driving back from Calgary. I obeyed the distracted driving laws and did not write while I was driving. Yeah I know what an excuse, I should have used my voice recorder! So zero words for day six but 768 words for day 7.


  1. Anonymous7/11/11 11:06


    Holy crap--done and dunner, as Gregory would say! And proof that y'all need to give me running word totals, as opposed to making me do math: got up and was slogging through the pages. When I had to stop and walk the guys, was ssooo disappointed because I hadn't reached my page goal...then, as I'm walking out the study, realized, I'd added wrong and was almost at goal.


    My reward for meeting goal: staying in mah comfy pjs for deh day.

  2. Awsome...Nat (yeah, i decided to shorten your name so that I don't have to type so many letters...writing all these alphabetical words is hard). Way to hop back on the crazy train Jacqueline. keep gitin-er-dun. I'm struggling today. It never ceases to amaze me how one day can be, like, "oooo...this writin stuff is so much fun and it's goin soooo great" and the next day can be, like, "eeewwww...this writin stuff is sooo hard and I don't know what to write and I suck and I should just, totally, give up and go back to bed and cuddle with _enter name of stuffed animal that you don't want to admit owning here_ because he/she is the only one who really understands just how much of a complete loser I am and...I need junk food...and TV.

    Yup. Okay, back to work. Think good thoughts people.

  3. Geez Louise...Mother of gerbil poop lollipops and fer-gosh-danged-nerdwiggler-sandwiches, that was a painful day!! But it's dun. Okay, on reflection, and recounting my pages, my word count appears to stand at a total of 5375 words.

    Just enough time to watch an episode of "Once Upon a Time" before heading off to work. I think I may be liking this show. If for no other reason then it has one of my favorite TV actors in it (Robert Carlyle: Dr. Rush from Stargate is he ever good as Rumpelstiltskin)

  4. Anonymous7/11/11 18:30

    Wait a second. Gregory of the three syllables, how come my name gets diced and yours remains? Can we call you G from now? :P

    Anyway, good on you for doing the writing. The ones that you sweat and cry over are always such victories. I mean, heck, if it was easy, everyone would be writing, right?

    I'm really enjoying "Once Upon a Time" Definitely a story that needs visual aids...have you seen Grimm?

    What about the rest of you guys? How's the writing?

  5. Anonymous7/11/11 18:31

    Hal, thanks for explaining the Mork & Mindy reference. Totally went over my head...

  6. Another day done. I never realized how long days can be when you can't get an idea, and then how short when you have one. Not much else to say right now, but at least I've managed to keep the body count from increasing so far.

    **** Day 7 **** +1704 = 10939 Words ****

  7. Haven't seen Grimm. I'm a TV addict by nature so I got rid of my TV last spring and now I just watch shows online. I try very hard to limit what I watch. Otherwise...SQUIRREL!!

    You're right "Natasha Deen". I was thinking tonight that the best days aren't the ones where words flow like maple syrup straight from the tree. It's the days where I have to fight for every syllable, every tiny idea; when my body and brain are trying desperately to get me to leave my chair and do anything...ANYTHING else other than my work. Those days, days like today, are diamonds wrapped in platinum. What doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger, right?

    Oh, and you can call me G if you want. I worked as a Custodian for a few years and the Senior Girls basketball team at Scona called Mr. G, then G-man, and then finally GDub.

    Howard. Keep on rockin. We're almost at the end...of week one.

  8. Howard: let the bodies hit the floor. *metal horns*

    Greg: G-man is frightening. Have you ever played Half-Life 2? That dude has the power to stop time, creep out of the shadows of your about-to-die-in-fiery-explosion love interest and start creepily talking about fate. I hope you didn't do that to the basketball girls.

    Natasha: ND...A. Nondisclosure agreement? Why do I try to make ridiculous associations the later it gets??!?! I actually didn't know who Mork & Mindy were either, My friend Googz helped me out though, then we had a party when I told him to do a barrel roll. I asked him about anagrams, and he asked me if I meant nag a rams. It was a good time.

    Today was a hard one, folks. I will have to check out this Once Upon a Time thingamadoodad.

  9. Oh right, I'm at 12334 words. Booyawoot! Oh, and when I tweeted about the number of words I had yesterday (10631) a twitter bot informed me via tweet that that is the 1279th prime number (I checked, and it is). I hope to hit more prime numbers with my word count, and some may say that's losing focus, but I say it's just gaining awesome.

    Also, I was about to disagree with you on the whole harder-it-is more-satisfying, but yes, I am satisfied after today. I had to take longer than usual to do some world-building / mystery planning, since I can't really unravel a mystery I don't know the details of, and I had really put it off as long as possible. What I came up with was pretty awesome, if my tired and weary consciousness can say so.

    'm so sore -- I decided to do a crazy crossfit workout with my fitness fanatic brother, and today I could barely move. Their place is filled with stairs on 4 levels, so I was cursing as I hobbled up and down. Hopefully tomorrow will go better.


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