Saturday 12 November 2011

NaNoWriMo: Day 12

I don't know if it's the snow, the cold, or the unrelenting march of the pages, but I've been walking up later and later, lately...maybe it's the temptation of staying in bed when surrounded by furry faces and puppy snores.

Still, I got myself out of bed and did the writing goal...I'm still struggling because I don't feel like I've nailed the main character's personality...I feel like she's a cardboard cutout at this point...a girl who you kind of know, but lacks depth...I know that's what edits are for, but still, I feel a bit panicked that I still don't know her...

But I guess that's what the remaining 18 days are for, right?

Happy writing my friends and cheers to the first day of snow! (Cause I know by the time February rolls around, we won't be cheering the white stuff, will we?) :P

Natasha: 23,408


  1. Natasha, the thing that I'm finding so liberating about this whole process is exactly what is troubling you today. I have this inner committee in my head that usually tells me that I need to write something good or not write at all. It has stifled me for so long that...well, let's just say that I've never been particularly prolific.

    But THIS IS NANOWRIMO!!! Nothin but word count baby!! My inner critic(s) can all go fornicate with themselves! Yeah, I do have moments when I wonder what the heck I'm writing here. Plus, I have a lot of characters in this piece; some of whom I also don't have a real good bead on.

    I've just decided to let them do whatever they want to do for now and act and think whatever they want. Even if it doesn't make a lot of sense or seem like it's coming from a place of honesty. It seems risky. It may backfire. I may end up with 90 or so pages of gobbledeegoop. But it will be MY gobbledeegoop. And that means that I win.

    If you really need to get on that character, you can always sit down and have a face to face talk with her. Ask her how she feels about the stuff that's going on and all the other things that constitute deep character work etc. But realize that that might send you into the dark place of CRAP, NOW I GOTTA START A REWRITE RIGHT NOW!! Remember why you're doing Nanowrimo and what your intention was and what your goal was. Keep the faith and trudge on. Glory awaits you at the end of the journey., I'm really rambling here.

    so after a couple of baaaddd writing days, I finally got back on track and got my pages done today.

    Gregory 8050words

  2. Another day done. The funny white stuff has shown up again, but I didn't have to worry about it, and I'm busy writing ... whatever it supposed to be. I didn't get near to the count I had yesterday, but I'm over my goal for the day.

    Not sure how much I'll get done tomorrow, but we'll when it get here, or rather after it gets here.

    **** Day 12 **** +1866 = 20534 ****

  3. Not Nano-ing, but it's been fun to see my main character come into her own. She was cardboard for quite awhile until I had the idea to make her narrate her own story. Now, I have a wisecracking showgirl. And it's fun to write in that voice. :)

  4. very hard day. very very hard, to say the least. tired, can't think or read much.

    21135 words.


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