Wednesday 16 November 2011

NaNoWriMo: Day 16

So, how is everyone feeling? We're officially MORE than halfway done. How are you doing? Is it harder or easier to get the words out? Anything you're learning about your writing style? What about the rewards? What are you doing to reward yourself for meeting your daily goal?

Today, yep, it's Columbo and hanging out in long johns with long johns (mmm, donuts)...

I've found that the earlier I write, the easier it is for me to get my words in. The later it is, it's like I get distracted or I'm tired, and then the whole thing becomes torture...I really like the consistency, though. Not sure if I'd set a 50k goal for myself. It's great for getting the words in, but it's a bit like when I took 5 (instead of 4) classes at University: I'm getting it done, but it's such a blur, I don't feel like I'm getting a chance to really enjoy the process.

Anyway, happy writing, everyone!

Natasha: 31, 559


  1. Writing is hard.

    How come nobody told me that before I started. Oh, wait. Everybody told me that before I started.

    I am struggling right now. I was seriously considering not getting out of bed until I have to go to work today. That's how much I'm not looking forward to facing the next blank page. I listened to "The War of Art" audio book a couple of years ago. The title says it all. (**note: Bringing my laptop and a flash drive on Thursday in case anyone wants a copy) I really have to keep reminding myself that this is supposed to be hard...sometimes.

    The initial spark of creativity that sends me sprinting headlong into that passionate joyful happy place of writer-ly Nirvana is really just proof that I'm supposed to get started so that I can learn and grow as a writer through the suffering that is soon to be rained down on me by my bitchy, fickle little pain in the butt of a muse who seems to derive immense pleasure out of watching me twist and squirm like a strand of spaghetti that has just been granted a living consciousness only to realize, to it's great sorrow, that it is violently allergic to the tomato sauce it is currently swimming in. sentence...TAG!!!

  2. Holy run on sentence Batman!

    Well, my day wasn't as good as yesterday, but then again I wasn't home for a few hours. Likely will be all day tomorrow though as it's supposed to snow like nuts. I will venture out in the morning and afternoon to walk the pooch, and then to get to the meeting (it's supposed to stop snowing in the afternoon). I should bake bread, but we'll see.

    I'm not sure what to say about rewards, I never really gave it much thought. I'm now fairly confident that I can make it to the 50K, which is a switch from when I first started.

    **** Day 16 **** +1843 = 29692 Words ****


  3. That was quite the sentence, GD. Love the food reference. :D

    Chin up, Howard--there's always tomorrow for writing, right? I say great job to all of us for plugging along whether it's writing or chopping.

    Everyone drive safe & we'll have a great write-in tomorrow!

  4. This is really hard, and exhausting. Awesome food ref, Greg :)

    28,009 words.


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