Wednesday 16 November 2011

Some Events & Reminders

The NaNo post is underneath this one, but just wanted to bring everyone's attention to a couple of events going on this weekend:

Night of the Artists
15th Anniversary - 2011 Weekend Festival
November 18th and 19th
Italian Cultural Centre
14230 133 Avenue,
Edmonton, AB


The Pure Speculation Festival
November 18-20, 2011
Grant MacEwan University,
City Center Campus, Robbins Health Centre
11050 - 104 Ave in Edmonton, AB


  1. I'm going to Pure Spec :-)

  2. I can't make it, my weekend is booked. :(

    Are you going to go to the discussion about strong heroines?

    Are you coming to tomorrow's write-in?

  3. thinking about going to tomorrows write in (11am-2pm) Anyone else?

    Also noticed that thursday is billed as a writing event with Marty Chan. Does that mean we should be expecting an avalanche at our meeting?

    Which day(s) are you going to Pure Spec Hal?

  4. oops...don't know what I'm talking about. 11-2pm was today.

  5. crazy, just noticed the write-in is at Capilano from 6:30 to 9:00 pm... cool! I'm definitely coming. Is that right though? Or is there another activity during the day that I don't know about?

  6. also, I'll try to hit up the strong heroines discussion, but I'll have to check the schedule and see what's going on. I'm planning on going both days, probably, with a jaunt out to Spruce Grove to sit and watch while Kevin Fox teaches a cello master class (not sure though).


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