Wednesday 22 February 2012

Wednesday Rant : Lessons learned

I'm in an ongoing drama with a ridiculously unreasonable roommate, who calls meetings to complain about noise when I'm tiptoeing around the house, then cancels them because, to quote her, "she's feeling a bit fragile." After I've been out of the house at my gf's for a few days, she says, "I noticed you've made an effort to give me space, which is GREAT, but..."

She recently changed her name from Lynette to Neveya, the Hebrew word for lovely. All I have to say is, if you have to change your name to lovely, you probably aren't.


  1. Anonymous22/2/12 15:55

    Oh dear. That doesn't sound like a fun household, for either of you...

  2. Yikes. Have you and the girlfriend talked about "taking it to the next level?"

    I don't miss those days.

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  4. Based on the name change thing she sounds like she could be an Arca-Triber. Does she hang out at Noorish and go to Symmetree and Intention and all that?

  5. man you hit the nail on the HEAD, Tyler. Wow. I looked it up and all I found was a site that told me I was loved and part of their family. What is an Arca-Triber?

  6. Essentially they're New Age Hippies. They're incredibly fun to party with, and there are a few really good people, but as subcultures go it's very uniform. They all believe in expressing their 'unique-ness' which ironically makes most of them very easily identifiable.

    I think we have such a strong liberal sub-culture in Edmonton in response to the uber-conservative oil culture. It's really neat to experience.


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