Saturday 21 April 2012


Like a gorilla of poetry swinging from branch to branch, Anna Marie Sewell will be appearing throughout the forest of Poetry Festival events. Want to catch her?

Monday, April 23rd

5 pm – Resonances: Urban Wind; Winterlight offices, 9536 Jasper Avenue

AMS will perform “things the wind told me” to help celebrate that opening of Jannie Edwards’ poetry installation project.

7 pm – From there, swing down to the ARTery, where AMS will take her 30-second turn along with the whole tribe of poets, in the madcap ritual known as The Blinks.

This year, it’s Blinks in the Heart, hosted by John Leppard.

Wednesday, April 25th

Noon – Braidings; CBC Centre Stage

Charming as the Sun!

Braidings shares the light and vision of 6 Aboriginal poets, their poems arranged and directed by Edmonton Poet Laureate Anna Marie Sewell, and presented in a spoken word concerto, featuring Christine Frederick, Conor Kerr and Zachary Polis.

Works by poets of the past – Pauline Johnson and Chief Dan George; the present – Marilyn Dumont and Gregory Scofield; and the future – Debbie Lathlin and Karly Coleman; braided together, these works resonate and reveal the enduring power of land, love and language.

Come. Listen. Let the weave of image and rhythms sweep you up into a world of wonders; then open your eyes and discover anew, this is that same world.

Thursday, April 26th

4 pm – Literary Cocktails; Faculty Club, University of Alberta

AMS is your MC for a presentation of  works from poets Jenna Butler, Doug Barbour, Alice Major, and – read by Peter Midgeley – Michelle Smith.

6 pm – Après cette Apéritif, allons-y   à la Citié Francophone, à savourer French Twist. AMS will bring words of poetic greeting to this event featuring Jérôme Melançon, Jocelyne Verret, Pierrette Requier, Josée Thibeault, Gisèle Villeneuve and musicians Jason Kodie and Raphaël Freynet.

Saturday, April 28th

Noon – Free Range! – City Hall

Right in the midst of the joyful clamour of the downtown Farmers’ Market, AMS hosts a reading in celebration of all things Free and Ranging. Poets Shelley A. Leedahl, Nora Gould, and Josée Thibeault will bring you a feast of live, fresh, organic words. Come on out and egg us on!

3 pm – Poetry and Music for a Spring Afternoon – The ARTery

Special Delivery! This lyrical event, featuring John Steffler, Shelley Leedahl, Nora Gould andLyra Brown seemed the perfect place to debut the arrival of a newborn project.

At the request of the members of Edmonton City Council, the Edmonton Arts Council has produced a remarkable new collection, Writing the City: Poets Laureate of Edmonton, 2005-2013. The ink may still be wet; for sure the poetry is fresh and vivid, and features works of Edmonton’s four Poets Laureate, plus a rich palette of other voices in a one-of-a-kind collection.  

Anna Marie Sewell, editor Doug Barbour, and a few other featured poets will introduce you to this bouncing baby anthology.

Sunday, April 29th

1:30 pm – Poetic License – Stanley Milner Library

As part of EPL’s Writers’ Corner series, AMS closes out her Poetry Festival shenanigans by conducting a free performance workshop, for poets who want to tune up their engines for maximum joyriding.

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