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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

LASR Loves Feuding Hearts!

Not only did they give FH a Five-Star Review, but it’s up for book of the month for May! (I’ll let you know about the voting as the time gets closer)…

Feuding Hearts is a fun, frolicsome way to spend an hour or two…Ms. Deen even manages to add social conscience, ethical vs unethical business practices and the green movement into the mix. With the added plus of well-defined characters, great descriptions, and flawless writing, this short will have you logging on to see what else Ms. Deen has written…If it's a romantic comedy that you've been craving, Feuding Hearts is an easy recommend.”



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  2. Anonymous28/4/12 05:26

    Thanks, guys! It's a great shot in the arm to motivate me to keep writing. :-)


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