Friday 16 November 2012

Okay,, tonight at the group I asked for some help with some research.  A few of you agreed to help.  (Dances a small jig)  What I am looking for are your own definitions of the following words:


These definitions can be in what ever perspective you choose be they positive or negative (or yes Brad Neutral) or all of them if you are feeling overly energetic. 

Feel free to post here or on my blog  Which ever makes you comfortable.  However I am hopeful that most of the posts will be here in case someone else wants to utilize the research.

Thank you's to those helping in this.

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  1. I’m interested to see what this research is being used for Christina, it’s an interesting group of words you’ve picked. As for my definitions (The order of which I have rearranged for purposes of logical flow):

    Love- I’ve heard one popular definition of love as being the feeling you have towards someone to whom you converse in your head for more than a half hour each day (or something such as that.) I think that there is a truth in this to some extent, in that love is based in familiarity and need. Understanding is also a key component of love, and so we can feel like it’s possible to converse with and anticipate the others reactions- cause they are so dear.
    Love is one type of relationship you can have with someone or something, in which their existence seems to be a positive, integral and inalienable aspect of your own.

    Relationship- To me a relationship is a pretty simple concept, made less so by over-thinking. A relationship is simply a state between any two things. I have a relationship with my chair- being that I’m currently sitting on it. All things exist in relation to others- or else there could be no order. Location, effect, gravitational, emotional- all of these and more are ways in which one thing can relate to another.
    Most people use the term of course to reference a romantic/ sexual relationship- but this is still the same term. It’s the relation between two people, which may involve emotional, sexual, financial factors, etc.

    Respect- Respect can be both positive and permissive to me. You can respect someone for doing something amazing, but you can also respect someone doing something you don’t agree with (respect their rights, etc.) I suppose respect is simply one aspect of social relations. If you respect someone, you see their actions or ideas as having value to your world view. This could be in the positive sense (I respect you for being so kind and helpful) or in the tolerance sense (I respect that without your difference, my world would be a narrower place, and you are therefore important.

    Regard- Regard is to me, almost the mental aspect of a relation. Any time there is a relation between two people, or a person and an object, there is some regard or acknowledgement between them (This being only in the human side. As it is a psychological construct in this interpretation, a human could have some regard for their couch, but the same would not be true in reverse.) Regard can be positive, negative, or neutral- it simply amounts to a mental acknowledgement of object relations.

    Trust- Expanding on my last definitions, I will define Trust as the relationship of one regard to another. When two people have a relationship, each has some regard or opinion of the other. They will also have any idea of the others regard for them. Trust is the sense of how reliable and consistent this regard is. If I trust someone, I can be sure that they will act in my benefit, even in my absence, or follow through with a promise when I am not there to regulate their actions. In this sense, it relates well to the difference between:

    Honour- Honour is a tricky one, and certainly very related to integrity as well. To me, honour is about how we stick to our principles/ values when social affirmation or rejection is not a factor. When unwatched, do we live by the same ideals as we claim to when watched?
    More complicated than that however, perhaps honour is more accurately other peoples perception of the concept above. We ‘Defend our honour’- meaning that we seek to convince others that we are who we portray ourselves as being. It is a social concept to me.

    Integrity- Following along from my description of honour, I hold integrity to be a more concrete concept. Rather than the social relations involved in a concept like honour, integrity is in theory a more measurable force. Integrity is the strength of your principals/ ideals to withstand against external corrosive forces. It’s almost like a Mohs hardness index of morality.


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