Saturday 5 November 2011

Day 5

Well.. this is getting harder and harder every day. I am off to Calgary this morning so I am up extra early. I was able to write 731 words. I am sure when I check it tomorrow it will look like I was out of my mind. Great work everyone, catch up with you tomorrow.


  1. Safe trip. 731 words count whether you're out of you mind or not. I'm pretty sure I'm out of my mind most of the time but I'm just letting the process be the process. That's actually what I'm finding to be the most rewarding about this. I absolutely love the word count meters. No judgment this month is ridiculously liberating. Okay, time to write.

  2. OK, really didn't "feel" like writing today, even though I enjoyed it yesterday. No reason to not want to write. Feelings are weird. So I journaled a little until I talked myself into it. Got my 750 words. YES!! Accountability is cool.

  3. ps. If anyone is having trouble gittin-er-dun, ever, let us all know so we can dog pile on you and guilt...I mean, inspire you into it. ;-)

  4. Anonymous5/11/11 15:49

    Okay, that was a super HHHARRRDDD day, but I think that's what makes it so sweet...I'm trying to do a little more than 1667, just so if I want to take a day off, I'll have padding, but today, man my brain did not want to cooperate...barely reached 1667...

    The funny thing is that I've been an approximater: y'know, like 3 pages is about 750 words, give or take, but now that every word, Pepper's running. Fast. Very very fast...gotta get that word count up...

    Like you, Gregory, I'm trying not to worry about quality, etc., but I have to admit, my handle on the POV (this story is told through Aponi, not Pepper) is hard to grasp...I'm having fun at the same time I'm going crazy and wanting to shred everything...

    Final request--can you guys give me your total word count when you check-in. I try to update the counter, but I'm a little worried I'm double adding, etc., so a daily word total would be awesome...and yeah, Gregory, I love the counter--it's so jazzy to see the percentage tick upwards...feel like a rock star...a guitar-smashing-fuschia leotard-wearing rock star.

    How's this for cool--I was talking about wanting to kick back and just watch Columbo and when I went to Best Buy yesterday to grab a new home phone, what do you think was there? The Columbos from the 80-90s.
    I figure that's a sign that the hard work is ready to be rewarded...uh, as soon as I hit tomorrow's word goal...

  5. Well as predicted I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped, but considering I spent about three hours of today on the bus I guess I can't whine too much. I only got 429 words today, so that puts my total at:

    **** Day 5 **** +429 = 5826 Words ****

    I actually didn't think I'd get this far, but having to visit with relatives took it's toll. I also did some more editing, of the early stuff. Not sure if I'm supposed to do that, but if nothing else it gets me thinking about the plot, and characters before I actually start doing the writing.

    Anyway the body count is still at only 1, so I've definitely got to get more destructive.

  6. Lol @ Columbo coincidences, Natasha :)

    Greg, that's wicked that you powered through and got your words. I'm loving the community aspect of this, makes writing less of a solitary activity. This does seem to get harder each day, which is ridiculous. If this incline keeps growing I might need to join AA in December (kidding).

    Great great job everyone, keep it up ^_^

    Oh, I'm at 8875 words. Blarrrrrgh.

  7. Anonymous6/11/11 08:47

    Forget AA, I'll be at Chocolate Addicts Anonymous...I was up at 5:30 this morning and what was the second thing I reached for (after the leftover pizza)?
    Yup. Chocolate...
    Yes, I'm definitely jazzing on the group support and cheerleading. Very cool to see what a team event this has become!


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