Saturday 26 November 2011

NaNoWriMo: Day 26

There's only four days left of this insane write-a-palooza, and the mad fox jumped over the lazy dog. Perhaps herewith the vocabulary inherent in written word will penetrate the psyche and we will no longer need to use clumsy interfaces to speak thoughts.

Okie, so my laptop is dying and there doesn't appear to be a plug-in nearby. This may be divine intervention to save you from my incoherent rambles.

Hal : 44173


  1. Keep going Hal you can do it! Just imagine the mad fox has jumped over the lazy dog to reach the word count finish line and get his reward.
    Mad fox you say? I might be able to use that in the future..

    With 4 days to spare... I sign off to edit.


  2. Ditto what Jacquie said: GO HAL! GO! I saw your stats on the NaNo website & it says that if you continue along at your rate, not only will you finish, but you'll finish a DAY EARLY.

    So, get that fox running, jumping, leaping--and make the dog do something, as well!

  3. Hal,

    Make that fox-trot

    Ah one, an'a two

    I couldnae resist it laddie. You left ye'self wide open!

  4. haha, thanks guys :D <3

    I'm dead tired from a terrible night last night, but managed to scrape out another 1,000 words (ok, almost). Now at ...

    45,021 words.


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